Meet The Fans - Victor Bethell

Name: Victor Michael Patrick Bethell

Nickname: Old Vic - or to some individuals "Mighty V"!

Age: None of your business! but I was born in the first half of the last century, if that helps.

Place of birth: 20 Oak Road Tunbridge Wells. I know because I was there, and we didn't have post codes in those days!

Married/Children =: 49 years & 10 months at the time of writing / Yes.And grandchildren. And great-grandchildren as well!

Occupation: Retired - which means that Blue *rs*d Flies use my name as an epithet for busy!

Reside: Somerset Road. When I left Skinners' School I said I was glad to see the back of it & I've been looking at the back of for forty odd years! Moral: Be careful what you wish for!

TWFC> First game seen: Early 1950's when Jim Taylor was captain. Current club: FA Cup away to Carshalton . We lost 2-1 & Tom Davey scored our goal. Halway through the second half some of their supporters were asking for directions to the Royal Borough! We nearly made it!

Best Wells game: Home v Canterbury 31-01-2015 We won 4-2 with four goals coming in the last six minutes (four minutes of which was "Fergie Time". My mate left after 85 minutes to avoid the traffic and missed the last four goals. Terrific finish.

Worst Wells game: Can't remember. I tend to get over it and look forward to the next one. Besides, I can't swear too much as I have to get up and go to church on Sunday morning.

Best Goal: Jason Barton v Grenwich. Real Screamer!

Favourite Player/Favourite All Time Player: pass.

Viewing position at the Den: Usually wandering down the sides with the camera at the ready.

Most Memorable Moment: Josh Stanford's equalising goal which had my quiet reserved friend who was sitting next on his feet screaming and chanting with the rest of the 12,000. Total transformation!

Least Memorable Moment: When the referee let that northern lot's second goal stand!

Favourite Song. The Wells Anthem.

Favourite Away Ground: Rusthall do nice burgers. Not really an away ground person as I have yet to find one that stocks Earl Grey tea. A serious deficiency, in my view, which SCEFL should address at the earliest opportunity!.

Worst Away Ground: Highworth Town. Trek across two field to get to the ground. Sloping pitch. One at a time toilets.

What Keeps Me Returning: The people. The atmosphere. The fact that I could bring any member of my family along and know that they won't see or hear anything offensive from our members. Also, it's not just going to a football match. There is a very high Community ethos in the club. Football in this town runs from Senior level down to kids kicking a ball for the first time and the club is involved all the way through. Also the thought: "What are the Choirs going to be singing this week?"

Hopes & Ambitions: Firstly, a settled side and then promotion, hopefully to two leagues above our present level.

Favourites: TV - University Challenge. Wildlife programmes. Death In Paradise and any "comfort zone" stuff provided it is well acted. I think all background music should be made illegal!

Comedian: Max Miller. I don't class any of the current mob as real comedians.

Film: Current: Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, both parts.

Actor/ Actress: Too many to name.

Band: Rolling Stones for Blues. Status Quo for Rock'n'Roll.

Food: Fish & chips. Drink: What sort of a question is that? You know the answer!

Holiday spots: Norfolk and Cornwall. Got a hidden away location in both. Clean air. Reasonably priced food. Friendly people. and free parking!

Achievements. Sport - Table Tennis, a few trophies from around 1980.
Photography, Couple of awards for my black & white work. Average club photographer in colour.

Lifestyle: (Hang on, I'll ask the wife.) Photography. Member of the Royal Photographic Society. Prefer shooting film to digital when I get the opportunity. Member of the RSPB & Kent Wildlife Trust. Would like to get out more. (A lot of people have told me that I should!). Writing. Apart from letters to the press. twenty years ago I was writing the pantomime "Cinders Up The Beanstalk" for the staff at Salomons. I was also the In House Poet.

The Future: My father did some amateur dramatics when he was young, He told me "Always leave them laughing," At my wake - which hopefully won't be for some years yet - there is a letter to be read out. On the outside of the envelope is written "Have you heard the one about the Pope, the Chief Rabbi and the Archbishop of Canterbury?" If you want to know the answer you'll have to wait until then.